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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)

The Christmas gift that's getting the best reviews is ... my Seat Belt Bag (the Jr. Messenger, in Razzleberry-- thanks Shannon). I love the cross-over-the-chest styling and the million and one pockets in the lining.

Also, thanks to Tracey, I'm the proud owner of the Jay McCarroll bag. It rocks. And it's the perfect size for toting shoes.

I pre-ordered the Barbie. Because, as I said to Missy, "I'm Crazy. And this is what Crazy people do." My love for her shoes is stronger than my distaste for her head.

I'm also hooked on BitTorrent. Lifehacker recommends that searches for Torrents start here (TorrentFinder). This is something I never should have introduced to Brian. He's addicted to downloading as it is...


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