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Monday, February 27, 2006

What to Watch: TV this Week

It’s crazy on TV this (and upcoming) weeks. I’m going to be exhausted from watching so much.

Here are my recommended shows (in order by day). Our dual-tivo situation is going to get a workout this week.

9:00pm 24
9:00pm The Apprentice (Reruns available on CNBC)

8:00pm American Idol
9:00pm Amazing Race 9

8:00pm America’s Next Top Model (Reruns available on Tuesday Nights)
8:00pm American Idol
10:00pm Project Runway

8:00 Everybody Hates Chris
9:00 My Name is Earl
9:00 Beauty and the Geek (Reruns available on Wednesday Nights)

Deal or No Deal (NBC 8:00AM or CNBC 1:00AM)

Sunday: The I Love Toys countdown begins on VH1


Updated for the actual Amazing Race time-- I was wrong (so a little bird told me)


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