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Monday, April 03, 2006

What to Download: Videora Converter

You've always wanted to play back video files (or bit torrent videos) on your Series 2 TiVo, right?

This is your chance. The Videora Converter easily converts any Computer Video File (whether it be Colin and Nicole's Great Adventure or a movie or last night's missed Sopranos ep) to a file that your Series 2 TiVo understands.

Here's what you do:
Download TiVo Desktop
It creates a My TiVo Recordings folder
Open the Free Videora Converter
Convert File (super easy and relatively fast)
Save it to the My TiVo Recordings Folder
Access it from your TiVo


If you feel like delving into the great world of bit torrent, Videora also makes a product that will download your favorite shows and convert them to TiVo files automatically. That product is $30, but the standalone converter is free (you can use it with a free bit torrent client, like utorrent.

They also make free converters for the video iPod and PSP.

Windows Only. Sorry MAC Users.


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